The significance of a spiritual U-turn (Full radio recording)

What’s up, Fam! I have been sensing so strongly in my spirit that this is a month in which many people will come full circle. I know that I am one. So, when the Lord gave me a dream last week, preparing me for a spiritual U-turn, I felt like I received a Holy Ghost Okeydokey! However, because I know that our Divine Daddy is not a Gotcha God, I pressed in further. What the Lord showed me is that for many, He must take us back to gain a victory over a past event, situation, or circumstance, so we can move forward and step into the fullness of what He has prepared for us.

So are you ready to go past yesterday, so you can step into your tomorrow with victory in hand? Then get on the roundabout for your tomorrow after a brief exit to your do-over. Step into this message after enjoying one minute of intro music.

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God bless!


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