Direct your diligence (Podcast)

Webster defines diligence as “steady, earnest, and energetic effort: devoted and painstaking work and application to accomplish an undertaking.” Diligence is not easy, and many times it is painstaking. Diligence is a noun; therefore, it needs action to be activated. How do you activate this? By directing your diligence with intentionality into those areas where you have been feeling restricted and experiencing resistance. Diligence is a force, a substance, a weapon to be used to break through in those areas of your life that have been holding you back. Want to learn more? Then press through to join me in Breakthroughland so you can make diligence work for you. Come on, let’s go!

Now, go direct that diligence!

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Beware of the ‘unspoken but’ (full radio message)

Do you have certain matters before the Lord, Family? Are you counting on God to move mightily (or not so mightily, but equally as pressing) on your behalf? Is that certain ‘thing’ that you thought would be way past resolved still stubbornly in the way? Hmm. Then maybe you have an ‘unspoken but’ problem that is preventing you from fully getting behind what you are believing God to do in you, for you, or on your behalf. It’s time to go behind the scenes and find out! Enjoy one minute of intro music before sneaking out the back door for your breakthrough.

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