The Sound of Agreement (Full radio recording)

Agreement has a sound. And agreeing with God in what you are believing Him to do for you is no different. I have been standing on and believing God for something really big, Family. This was a trusting out of a great need rather than want.  This was one of those times when God was my only option.  I really needed Him to come through, because I could not allow my mind, or my heart, to role play any other scenario.  As pressing as this sounds (and I was pressing!), I think our Divine Daddy dotes especially proud during these ‘no other option’ times, because we give Him the opportunity, voluntarily or not, to really show Himself strong to us, for us, and on our behalf. Father God shines especially bright when He is the only One who can do it. When God is our only option, then He gets all the glory and honor.  As fond as I am of this notion, the reality is a different story—stretching me past my limits and breaking me through to new ground.

The breakthrough came one night, while I was having yet another irrational wrestling match with every fiber in my being, when I heard the Lord say very clearly: “the bells are ringing in your favor. What has been rung cannot be unrung.” It took me a few moments to comprehend and wrap my mind around this reverberation of revelation.

Learn how to resound with the agreement of heaven after harmonizing with one minute of intro music.

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