God is a capitalist (Full radio message)

With all this talk about socialism, I needed to go to the Source of all sources, and see what God says on this most-important topic. What I read tells me that God indeed is a capitalist. God’s blessing upon His creation, to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28), really lit up for me.

It is hard to step into all that the Creator has in store for us while believing in socialism, which is a system of lack. God is a builder, and He has called and equipped each and every one of us to build, prosper, and enlarge our territory. Socialism is cruel because it robs the dreamers, creators, and builders, as well as those seeking opportunities to have better lives.   Socialism keeps the poor, poor while cruelly making them comfortable in their poverty, and tearing down the rich and middle class.

This deficient system, built on lies, deception, and a false sense of security, capitalizes on the institution of poverty. God has created us for more. Be built up and encouraged as you listen to this message, after enjoying one minute of intro music.

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God bless!


(Photo credit: Courtney Johnson on Shutterstock.com)