SuperNatural Life Coach

A supernatural life coach is able to draw on Divine intuition, above and beyond natural reasoning and the five physical senses, to provide guidance, counsel, direction, and to help individuals see what they are not seeing, providing missing pieces of the puzzle to one’s decisions, life, and destiny.

To be clear: genuine and authentic supernatural life coaches are not psychics, fortune tellers, or soothsayers. A true supernatural life coach hears from and works for God, simply delivering the information and guidance that God has already prepared for each person.

Choosing a supernatural life coach must be done very carefully, as there are many so-called life coaches whose claims are false and will cause major damage to a person. Beware of any life coach who tries to draw people to themselves, or take the credit for the gift that they purport to have; as a gift is just that—a gift

Having an authentic supernatural life coach can help open doors for you that no person can shut. They will bring forth the refreshing rain of revelation and encouragement from above to your spirit and soul.

Do you want to know what God is saying to you? Do you need the rains of refreshing to come to those dry places within, or in certain areas of your life? Do you want to step into your best life now, walking in God’s plan and purpose for you? Do you want to know your true identity, your authentic self that maybe has been camouflaged by wrong words spoken to you or into you by loved ones or the world?

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