Strive to be productive over busy (Podcast)

Too many people wear “busy” as a badge of honor; thus, missing the mark on making a dent and making a difference in their day–and of more profound importance: their destiny. I don’t know about you, but I desire and strive to be productive over busy. If you feel like you are just spinning your wheels, or need to be better positioned to be productive, then join me today in breakthrough land. Come on now, don’t put it off any longer. Put down your busy so you can pick up your productive!


With warmest regards,

Developing consistency creates much-needed harmony

While consistency should not be situational, we need it now more than ever. We must resist the urge to tether this constitution of constancy to specific events, situations, circumstances, episodes, and seasons.

Consistency is an important stand-alone substance used to build an internal house of harmony and peace, providing a stable wrap-around fence to combat the emotional and mental waves of turmoil swirling all around us. Come with me, as we journey to breakthrough land and pick up some much-needed consistency!

With warmest regards,

Enlarge your territory by increasing your capacity

It’s time to cover new ground, Family! It is time to enlarge your territory. Especially during these times, when circumstances have caused us to lose ground, surrender territory, feel confined, hemmed in, and not much going on. Now it is the PERFECT time for capacity-building and gaining new ground. Start your expansion today by making a trip to breakthrough land.

Now get going and be even greater!

With warmest regards,

Celebrate a Black Life today

Celebration is our breakthrough word for today, Family. According to Webster’s Dictionary, celebrate means “to honor, to hold up.” Many of us need the breakthrough of celebration in our own lives. Celebrating others is the key to getting this breakthrough for ourselves (just make sure you are doing it for the right reason: which is, because it is the right thing to do).

And right now, the lives that need to be celebrated the most, are those of our precious black brothers and sisters. In order for all lives to truly matter, black lives need to matter more than they currently do. So join me at the OWB to help celebrate those who currently deserve and need it most!

With warmest regards,


My Message to the Black Community

When we were growing up, my two brothers and my sister and me, we would always try to get our mom to tell us who was her favorite. Whenever any of us would ask her who was her favorite, she would always respond “the one who needs me the most at that moment.”

I have agonized over these past weeks to find the right words to say, and I have struggled, because no words can ever be the right words in proportion to the atrocious act of barbarism that has been committed against Mr. George Floyd, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other Black Americans.

Right now, the black community needs us the most. They are our favorites right now in this time of great need. We owe it to our precious black brothers and sisters to lift them up high and comfort them. And because of this, Black Lives need to matter most right now.

To my wonderful black community, I am so sorry. And I am here for you. Black Lives DO Matter, and they matter to me.

I love you, and I pray God’s Peace upon you.

God bless you,


Throwing the perfect pitch (Podcast)

You don’t have to be a pitcher to throw a perfect pitch; nor do you even have to play baseball! The perfect pitch is your perspective on how what you do is received. Having the winning perspective is a key strategy to breaking through to your most effective you! After throwing myself a colossal pity party, I went to this position for a much-needed change in my vantage-point. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pitch ready and meet me on the mound!

With warmest regards,


Put down that JELL-O (Podcast)

During this time of pandemonium, it is more important than ever that we be intentional about what we are focusing on, and how we are nourishing our whole selves. So, what in the world does JELL-O have to do with how we equip ourselves during this shut-in time, so when we do go back into wide open spaces, we can step into new places? Have a listen, so you can get and maintain the victory, and come out better than brand new!

Soup on a roof: Adopting a new perspective (Podcast)

So, what in the world does soup on a roof have to do with perspective? In this episode, I discuss the strategy to improving or removing that situation you can’t seem to shake. It all starts with perspective: gaining that right perspective, which then comes packaged with the strategy you need to break through and get the victory!