A call from Grace

Shaming people into silence will place us all in bondage. Grace is needed now more than ever, and is urgently calling you. What will you do? How will you respond? Let’s hear what Grace has to say for such a time as this.

With warmest regards,

Celebrate a Black Life today

Celebration is our breakthrough word for today, Family. According to Webster’s Dictionary, celebrate means “to honor, to hold up.” Many of us need the breakthrough of celebration in our own lives. Celebrating others is the key to getting this breakthrough for ourselves (just make sure you are doing it for the right reason: which is, because it is the right thing to do).

And right now, the lives that need to be celebrated the most, are those of our precious black brothers and sisters. In order for all lives to truly matter, black lives need to matter more than they currently do. So join me at the OWB to help celebrate those who currently deserve and need it most!

With warmest regards,


My Message to the Black Community

When we were growing up, my two brothers and my sister and me, we would always try to get our mom to tell us who was her favorite. Whenever any of us would ask her who was her favorite, she would always respond “the one who needs me the most at that moment.”

I have agonized over these past weeks to find the right words to say, and I have struggled, because no words can ever be the right words in proportion to the atrocious act of barbarism that has been committed against Mr. George Floyd, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other Black Americans.

Right now, the black community needs us the most. They are our favorites right now in this time of great need. We owe it to our precious black brothers and sisters to lift them up high and comfort them. And because of this, Black Lives need to matter most right now.

To my wonderful black community, I am so sorry. And I am here for you. Black Lives DO Matter, and they matter to me.

I love you, and I pray God’s Peace upon you.

God bless you,


Throwing the perfect pitch (Podcast)

You don’t have to be a pitcher to throw a perfect pitch; nor do you even have to play baseball! The perfect pitch is your perspective on how what you do is received. Having the winning perspective is a key strategy to breaking through to your most effective you! After throwing myself a colossal pity party, I went to this position for a much-needed change in my vantage-point. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pitch ready and meet me on the mound!

With warmest regards,


Put down that JELL-O (Podcast)

During this time of pandemonium, it is more important than ever that we be intentional about what we are focusing on, and how we are nourishing our whole selves. So, what in the world does JELL-O have to do with how we equip ourselves during this shut-in time, so when we do go back into wide open spaces, we can step into new places? Have a listen, so you can get and maintain the victory, and come out better than brand new!

Soup on a roof: Adopting a new perspective (Podcast)

So, what in the world does soup on a roof have to do with perspective? In this episode, I discuss the strategy to improving or removing that situation you can’t seem to shake. It all starts with perspective: gaining that right perspective, which then comes packaged with the strategy you need to break through and get the victory!

Establishing New Set Points (Podcast)

Many of us have areas in our lives where we just can’t seem to break through. These can be in our earning potential, careers, relationships, business or other endeavors. These are called set points. Once established, you need the right strategy, or the right words to break through and establish new set points. So, let’s do that!

A Divine Pause

As I am sitting here on my balcony, sipping my morning coffee, overlooking and taking in the eerily peaceful surroundings of my woodland view, I sensed the Lord’s still small voice. I had been seeking Him, like countless others, on the meaning of this unholy and tragic event that had suddenly come upon and besieged this nation and its inhabitants.

The answer finally came after weeks of asking, praying, pressing in; and finally letting go and resting in the release and confidence that, while I do not know many things, and when answers don’t come—the one thing I know that I know that I know to be true is that God is in control.  God either causes, stops, or allows things to happen; and He does so for our good, whether it looks or feels that way at the time.

Our Blessed Assurance provides comfort in His Word, scribing: “‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord. ‘As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts’ (Isaiah 55:8-9). And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

My spirit is at peace with the truth that God did not cause this. So, if He did not cause it, then why did He not stop it? Since He did not stop it, why did He allow it?  And if God allowed it, for what ‘higher ways’? What good? My spirit was quickened to the revelation that this was not a punishment, but rather a pause—a Divine Pause. An intermission prepared and packaged with every lost opportunity, every shoulda-woulda coulda, every connection not made, moment misused, point escaped, and road not taken, so that we could have a Divine Do-over.

I said “Wow, God, this is good!” He said, “write it as your next article.” I replied, “okay, I will make some notes and do it next week.” He retorted “do it now, today.” As one who honors the Sabbath (Shabbat), I felt the need to remind my Omniscient (All-Knowing), Omnipotent (All-Powerful), and Omnipresent (Ever-Present) Father: “Um, Daddy, you do realize this is the Sabbath, right?” To which I felt a Holy Head Shake and Sovereign Sigh in the Heavenly Realm, with a reminder back: “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27). I sensed the Lord of the Sabbath saying, “don’t get all religious on me, Matthew.” Yes, Sir. On it. One article coming right up!

Our Divine Daddy gave me a dream some nights ago, as He often speaks to many of us through dreams and visions. In that dream, I was in New Mexico, and I was trying to get to a realtor’s office. I did not have a navigation system in the car I had rented, and the realtor was trying to give me directions to her office over the phone, without really knowing where I was at; although I was trying to explain my bearings to her. Regardless, she seemed convinced that she knew the way, while I was not as confident in her confidence. To make a long story short, as I need to leave certain details out that are between God and me, I sensed the message was one of guarding against being led blindly, or by someone who is sight impaired (figuratively speaking, of course).

This real estate agent, I believe, represented a part of myself that was causing me to not see as clearly as I needed to see all that God had prepared for me during this time.  New Mexico symbolizes “It grows as it Goes, Land of Enchantment, The Colorful State, Yucca Flower” (© 2015. Dr. Barbie Breathitt), and the Yucca Flower represents “a fresh new positive outlook on life as you work through your present situation” (IBID).

I believe that we can be driven by our fears, doubts, discouragement, disappointments, uncertainties, regrets, past perspectives and encounters, and worldly worries to the point where we miss things along the way, sight-impaired or even blinded to those opportunities and moments that are placed and positioned there to help us grow, heal, and receive what we need to be better equipped and to enlarge our capacity.

God is for each and every one of us—if we allow Him to be. Our Wonderful Way-Maker longs to go before us to right every wrong, straighten every crooked path, and smooth out every rough place (Isaiah 45:2). God is not a man who should lie, nor the son of man who needs to repent (Numbers 23:19). God does not play favorites (Acts 10:34), and longs to be our Faithful Forever Father, our Divine Doting Daddy, and our Precious Papa.

yucca-white-flower-flower-stalk-shutterstock-com_12863 (resized)Each of us has a choice to make during this trying time, as we stand at the four-way intersection of this moment, determining which perspective to travel on: we can either stay stuck in ourselves, be led impaired or blindly by our un-surrendered soul or fleshly nature; or take the perspective of the Yucca Flower, and pursue the fresh new positive outlook which causes us to then step into this God-given gift of this Divine Pause, and unwrap everything put in place to redeem us, make us whole, make us better than new, and cause us to step into our Divine Destiny, and Kingdom Eternal purpose, with nothing missing, nothing lacking, and no sorrow added.

May God comfort, refresh, guide, keep, and bless you always.

With warmest regards,


© 2020. Matthew Gargano, unless where other credits apply.

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Resting in letting go (Full radio message)

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