Throwing the perfect pitch (Podcast)

You don’t have to be a pitcher to throw a perfect pitch; nor do you even have to play baseball! The perfect pitch is your perspective on how what you do is received. Having the winning perspective is a key strategy to breaking through to your most effective you! After throwing myself a colossal pity party, I went to this position for a much-needed change in my vantage-point. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pitch ready and meet me on the mound!

With warmest regards,


Put down that JELL-O (Podcast)

During this time of pandemonium, it is more important than ever that we be intentional about what we are focusing on, and how we are nourishing our whole selves. So, what in the world does JELL-O have to do with how we equip ourselves during this shut-in time, so when we do go back into wide open spaces, we can step into new places? Have a listen, so you can get and maintain the victory, and come out better than brand new!

Soup on a roof: Adopting a new perspective (Podcast)

So, what in the world does soup on a roof have to do with perspective? In this episode, I discuss the strategy to improving or removing that situation you can’t seem to shake. It all starts with perspective: gaining that right perspective, which then comes packaged with the strategy you need to break through and get the victory!