All things are possible, part one (Full radio message)

Is your ‘knower’ seemingly not working right these days, Family? Is your believing slowing down the delivery of your ‘all things’? Then it’s time for a reset in perspective! Gear up and calibrate your possibility-finder as we reach for the more of ‘all things possible,’ while stepping into this remarkable interaction of believe-ability between a father and Jesus. Step into your possibilities after one minute of intro music.

Join me every Wednesday from 7.30-8PM EST/6.30-7PM CST on the Stellar award-winning Soar Radio Network as we experience God as Elaleh (El-aw-lay’), God Who Ascends. You can listen in by downloading the app from the play store, or by visiting

For people who want to see “the more” materialize in their lives.

God bless!