Why intimacy with God matters (Full radio message)

God wishing intimacy with us is not for self-centered reasons, as some will purport. This Desiring Daddy wants to give that most central part of Himself, so that we can be all that we can be, and have the rich and rewarding life that our Forever Father desires for us to have. And once you get a taste of that part of God, you will be tripping all over yourself for more!

Come to that place of encounter, where you will be forever changed. Usher in the Ultimate Intimacy after soaking in one minute of into music.

Join me every Wednesday from 7.30-8PM EST/6.30-7PM CST on the Stellar award-winning Soar Radio Network as we experience God as Elaleh (El-aw-lay’), God Who Ascends. You can listen in by downloading the app from the play store, or by visiting www.soarradio.com.

For people who want to see “the more” materialize in their lives.

God bless!