Don’t be tied to your past (Full radio message)

When Jesus uttered His dying words on the Cross “It is finished,” He was putting the final nails in Satan’s coffin of a false start and a bad ending, while speaking and releasing life to the way things should be, based on the Father’s original intent. This Chosen One, who paid a prolific price, making this extravagant and costly gift of a fresh and free start available to all who could not afford to pay, was providing a course correction. This Beloved and Begotten Son, sent to save the world through Himself, was speaking about permanently providing salvation for all who believe and receive.

Many people understand this message of the Cross, but still underestimate His all-encompassing words of what was finished. Jesus dying on that cross was a final demarcation that He had, once and for all, defeated death.  That the wages of sin, which up until now, had been death, were now paid in full by the sinless and matchless life, death, and resurrection of this Son of God and Son of Man.

So, what was really finished? Many are short-sighted, taking a 180-degree view of the forward-reaching Power of the Savior’s Blood Sacrifice, and therefore, don’t get past their past; or even as debilitating, don’t apply this same Eternal Blood to what was, so that what will be doesn’t have to be what was.

Break out this this cycle today, by taking a 360-degree approach from the view of the Cross, so you can move forward, no longer tethered to you past; but in complete victory, full steam ahead, powered by the Blood of the Lamb.

Break the bonds of your past, so you can catapult into your future, after frolicking forward in one minute of intro music.

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