The Familiar Is Too Crowded (Full radio message)

I did not realize how crowded the familiar was until I went back for a visit. This epiphany took place in one of my more recent dreams.  As I went back to that place and asked my familiar host if I could stay, she warmly replied “you are more than welcome, but do you really want to?”

My host’s name was Sonia, a name which means wisdom.  True wisdom, a gift from above, always shows us the best option; however, this trusted guide will leave the decision up to us—for better, best, or worse.  We must discern whether to indulge the familiar in us, which always longs for the familiar in our lives (past, present, and future), or to give voice to the silent minority—the unfamiliar in us, longing to be set free and frolic in the unknown.

Is the familiar, as wonderful a secure retreat that it is, holding you back? Then stretch yourself by stepping into the unfamiliar and experience all its wonder, after settling in to one min of intro music.

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God bless!


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