What is the righteous position on mob rule, due process, and the presumption of innocence? (Full radio message)

Greetings family,

To say that what I have been witnessing on the issues of mob rule, due process, and the presumption of innocence have been troubling, is a profound understatement. I try as much as possible to set aside party affiliation and gender, race, ethnicity and age affinity, when I deliver my weekly radio messages as to not cheapen what God says about these and other important matters.

God’s Word and direction transcend and supersede these tantalizing trappings that can cause our minds to be entangled in worldly weeds; thus not walking in wholesome ways, and taking the high road as we should. Reign in right standing as you listen to this week’s message after enjoying one minute of intro music.

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God bless!


(Photo credit: Artur Szczybylo on Shutterstock.com)