The best relationship you could ever have

Exodus 33:11 reveals this most amazing relationship: “The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.”  This same Father, the God of yesterday, today, and forever, Who does not play favorites, invites each and every one of us into this same level of intimate friendship.

Step in to the Greater with me, as we refocus our relationship priorities, and learn how to have the best relationship of your life, with which everything else you could ever want or imagine will pour forth.  Enjoy this encounter after listening to one minute of intro music.

Join me every Wednesday from 6.30-7PM CST on the stellar award-winning Soar Radio Network as we experience God as Elaleh (El-aw-lay’), God Who Ascends. You can listen live by downloading the app from the play store, or by visiting For people who want to see “the more” materialize in their lives.

God bless!