Accessing the Culture of Heaven

It is with great privilege to announce that Pastor Michelle Daniels and I were offered our own weekly radio spot!  God is truly opening doors!  We felt led to name our show “ELAVATE!” after God as “El`aleh {el-aw-lay’}, God of ascension/elevation.  Thus, the intentional spelling of our version of “ELAVATE!” God is calling us higher, and we are excited about responding to this call! Join Pastor Michelle and me every Wednesday evening from 6.30-7PM on SOAR radio as we go higher and higher! Thanks and God bless you!

Click on the link below to listen to our first radio broadcast entitled “Accessing the Culture of Heaven.”  There is a 3-minute opening song, “Before the Throne” by Shekinah Glory which will bless you greatly.

Join us every Wednesday from 6.30-7PM CST on SOAR Radio. You can download the app to listen live at

Thanks and God Bless!