God deemed marriage as “good”

“Wives submit to your husbands…” (Ephesians 5:22a).

The devil tries to pervert what God deemed good.  Satan cannot create anything, so he tries to counterfeit what God has created.  Why would God give us anything that wouldn’t be good?  And our Perfect Father gave us marriage, which He deemed “good.”

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The word “submit,” as commanded by God, gets a bad rap by both men and women, and husbands and wives, because of a lack of understanding.  Men twist and abuse its meaning, and women reject it. But my wife and me, along with some of our in-laws, did a study on its original meaning back over Thanksgiving, which blew us away.  This rich revelation has been rolling around in my spirit ever since.

The original Greek word for submit, as used in this context is hupotasso, which actually means to “get under and lift up”  (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance). Wow! In order for you to get under something and lift it up, you must be more powerful than that which you are attempting to lift!  And with every Godly wife (key word—Godly), they are endued with this special kind of power through God’s Holy Spirit!  A Godly wife is a lifter of her husband.

And what about the rest of this paragraph that the fellas like to omit?  “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her…” (Ephesians 5:25). Husbands are also endued with power from on High, and that is the love of Christ we are to pour into and over our wives selflessly and unconditionally.

So both are equally powerful, and yet more powerful in different ways.  “The two become one” because they complement one another, and are completed in Christ, as God intended.  They are not two halves who complete a whole; but rather two imperfect “wholes” that are joined together and infused with God’s Holy Spirit as one.

Eve was made from Adam’s rib, not so he could dominate over her, but that the two would be equal as human beings and as a married couple, with each having separate but equal roles.

Remember, when God said that Adam needed a helper (of equal or greater value), there was no house to clean, children to raise, or chores to do in the Garden of Eden (Ken Nair, “Discovering the Mind of a Woman”).

Eve was made from Adam’s side, not from his head to dominate him, and not from his feet to be trampled upon; but from his side as an equal co-ruler with him. God gave us marriage to make us more Christ-like.  And He gave us wives as helpers, in a similar manner that Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit as our Helper.  To this extent, we must treat our wives with the same care and sensitivity that we do God’s Holy Spirit.

Let us always remember what God deemed good is indeed good.  And if we perceive it as anything less, then it’s either our lack of understanding, or because we bought the counterfeit lie of the devil, who wants to keep us from experiencing God’s best.

God bless you, family.

With warmest regards,
And in service of the Most High King,